G&S Brown Drainage Contractors

Personal data policy - May 2018

Clients (“you”) of G & S Brown Drainage Contractors (“us” or “we”) have rights to know what personal data of yours we collect or hold, why, who it will be shared with and how long it will be kept. This policy provides that information.

In order to carry out our work for you and to fulfil our legal obligations, and in order to manage our business and plan for the future (including marketing our business) we collect a range of personal data from our clients, such as –

• Full names: for use in contracts and other legal documents
• Names and contact details: for contacting clients and their directors or other controllers
• Bank account details and financial information: for receiving and paying funds, dealing with transactions for you, etc

This data will be shared with our staff and professional advisers – all of whom are bound by duties of confidentiality.

The data will be stored in electronic form on our own in-house server, cloud-based servers and perhaps on staff laptops and mobile phones (or accessible from them), all of which are password-protected, and in paper form kept in our offices which are locked and when not occupied by our staff. 

The retention and processing of the data is based in part on your consent (implied by your dealings with us, and capable of being withdrawn by you in writing or orally), in part on fulfilling our contractual obligation to you, in part to fulfil our legal obligations to government and our insurers, and in part on protecting our own legitimate interests in connection with the running of our business. 

The data will be deleted or erased by us when none of those bases for retention and processing applies any more. 

You also have the right to check what personal data we hold for you, to have it corrected or completed, and other rights in certain circumstances unlikely (in our view) to apply to you and us.

If you have any questions or concerns about our retention or use of your personal data, please contact Vicki Brown: T – 01622 890884 E: info@brownsdrainage.co.uk